Steinbeis R-Tech iRiS Software

iRiS software developed by Steibeis Advanced Risk Technologies is a RBI, RCM and HSE/HSSE solution which is transparent and affordable. The software enables the Engineering, Maintenance and Management teams to easily optimise the health and risk of their plant as well as critical assets by real time dashboard

iRiS is specifically developed to support for the client to understand the major items to understand the RBI, RCM, RCFA and HSE and to apply these efficiently in the shortest possible time wihout having to change or replace the existing systems (s).

iRiS Features

✔ As-is design database for Plant

✔ Webpage overview of assets at a Plant, System or Equipment

  ✔ Record keeping & asset data storage to enable technical analysis

  ✔ Build-in automactic reporting

  ✔ Customisable specific Asset/Plant essential tools i.e. Risk based decision making tools

✔ Damage mechanism identification and analysis, management and questionnaire

iRiS Benefits

✔ Reduce Inspection Cost: Eliminate unnecessary inspections using Risk Based decision making for your inspection scope

Risk Based Decision Making: Use of a systematic Risk Based method to access Plant risk, ensuring evidence based decision method with proper consideration of Plant Safety and Business Impact  

✔ Increase Plant Uptime: Reduce unplanned integrity related failures through proper damage mechanism identification and utilisation of inspectiontechniques with highest probability of detection         

✔ Connecting Relevant Date: Provide a safe platform for useful data to be collected for asset decisions

✔ Instant Reporting: Our tools reporting features administrative work, allowing you more time focus on your Plant 

✔ Collaborate - Centralised and easily assessible


A series of HOW TO instruction for you to iRiS software



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