Sample RBI Training
(RBI Advanced Course - EN166991 & API 580/581)

Course IXb-R31: Basics of RBI: EN16991:2018 (“RIMAP”)

The focus of the course is given to the European standard EN 16991:2018 on Risk-based inspection framework provides effective guidance for the optimization of operations and maintenance as well as asset integrity management. It helps improve risk management, thus, the safety of the plants and their operation, environment and business management. The course also introduces supporting standard (e.g. German standard VGB-S-506) as well as compares the difference between EN 16991 and API 580/581.


Course IXb-R33: RBI PoF – Probability of Failure according to API 580/581 (Damage Mechanism)

The focus of the course is on damage mechanisms appearing in different industries and their influences to the calculation of probability of failure of equipment. The calculation is mainly based on API 581 Risk-based Inspection methodology. A large number of practical examples are included in the lecture to exemplify the PoF calculation formula.


Course IXb-R30: RBI CoF – Consequences of Failure according to API 580/581

The focus of the course is calculation of the consequence of failure as defined by API 581:2016. The course starts with general definitions aiming to ensure better understanding of the main topics of the course. Methodology for the calculation is illustrated by RBI software (iRiS – integrated Risk Management System)


  • Introduction to EN 16991
  • The RBI Framework
  • The RBI Process

 Lecture Note: EN 16991 - Part 1 




  • Initial Analysis and Planning
  • Data collection and validation
  • Multilevel risk analysis

Lecture Note: EN 16991 - Part 2


  • Decision making / action plan
  • Execution and reporting
  • Performance review
  • ANNEXES – other supporting standards (VGB-S-506)

Lecture Note: EN 16991 - Part 3